Tempur Millennium Pillow with SmartCool Technology™

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An ergonomic pillow in a firm feel developed for back sleepers who want to relieve neck discomfort.

A curved edge and centered notch that precisely encloses and supports your head and neck helps provide correct alignment. While this limits the movement of the person sleeping, it allows tensed and strained muscles to recover.

Improves breathing, lessens snoring and good for people experiencing frequent stiff neck.

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What makes our new TEMPUR® Millennium
Pillow with SmartCool different?

Our Millennium Pillow provides targeted support for back and side sleepers. With a notch specially designed to cradle your head and neck and a curved ridge to comfort your shoulders, you'll experience uncompromising support and comfort all night long. Now with new SmartCool Technology™ which absorbs excess heat throughout the night, you'll wake up feeling even more refreshed.


Introducing the new TEMPUR® SmartCool cover. Our subtly textured yarn woven into the soft cover provides a soothing cooling sensation. This innovative technology helps to absorb excess heat for a cooler and more comfortable sleep, night after night. Always looking for the cool spot on your pillow? Then SmartCool is for you.


Produced to last, TEMPUR® pillows come with a three year warranty. Your head, neck and shoulders will thank you for years and years of pressure-relieving comfort and support.


Every pillow has an easy zip-off cover which is machine washable up to 40°C.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Tempur Millennium Pillow with SmartCool Technology™

  1. RezzaCS (verified owner)

    This is a gamechanger for me. I’ve been using a different brand of memory foam contour pillow for neck support, but the past few months have been feeling increasing discomfort and less support. I’m glad I accidentally stumbled on the Millenium Pillow. My 1st time to buy a premium-priced pillow, but it was so WORTH the shift! After the first night of using it, I woke up without neck pain, and even my constant back pains have gone. I sleep so much better, and even with less than 6 hrs of sleep, I don’t wake up with a heavy feeling nor back pains anymore. And the SmartCool feature of the pillows are BLISS. Still trying to convince my husband to get his own. I haven’t tried putting a pillowcase on top of this though, so had to wash the original casing already after a week. I read from another review that the SmartCool tech doesn’t work once you slip a pillowcase over this. So wish that there was an alternative or spare pillowcases for sale.

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  2. John John Lee Cundangan

    Highly recommended especially to a sick person to minimise any pain in the head and neck.

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