Tempur’s Green Revolution: Building a Sustainable Sleep Legacy

Tempur’s Environmental Commitment

Tempur doesn’t just promise a good night’s sleep—it’s dedicated to a greater mission: taking both slumber and taking care of our planet to greater heights. Beyond crafting world-renowned bedding, the company champions environmental responsibility as a core value. Scott Thompson, Chairman, President, and CEO of Tempur, encapsulates this ethos, stating, “Success must encompass our impact on communities and the environment.”

OEKO-TEX® Certifications

One significant testament to this dedication is Tempur’s certification by OEKO-TEX®, an organization renowned for testing textiles for harmful substances. The OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification assures consumers that every component within Tempur’s products—threads, buttons, foams, and other elements—has undergone rigorous testing and is devoid of any harmful substances.

Recently, Tempur achieved another milestone: the OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN label. This distinguished certification signifies more than just environmental consciousness; it marks products manufactured in eco-friendly facilities, ensuring safe and socially responsible working conditions. Beyond this, the label attests that the product materials have been rigorously tested and are free from any harmful substances. This achievement not only underlines Tempur’s commitment to sustainability but also grants consumers peace of mind every night they rest on Tempur products.

However, Tempur’s efforts toward sustainability extend beyond certifications. The brand continually innovates to reduce its environmental footprint. For instance, their latest pillow packaging is a testament to this commitment. Crafted entirely from recyclable materials—100% cardboard with a paper carry-on handle—it’s a small but significant step toward a greener future.

In essence, Tempur goes beyond offering comfort; it ensures your utmost safety. There’s no need to fret about harmful chemicals as you sink into a peaceful sleep each night. Tempur’s dedication to environmental sustainability isn’t just a commitment—it’s a promise of restful nights and a better world.


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