Holiday Gift Guide

Tempur Holiday Gift Guide

With the Holiday season coming in full swing and now that we can’t hold all of our loved ones close this year, don’t you think that sending cards or well-thought gifts remain to be an easy way to let them know how we feel?

Above many things, the gift of comfort, especially in challenging times, can be the best thing your loved ones can receive. Depending on what they need, we listed down below some gift ideas that can give them a refreshing, rejuvenating, and relaxing time whatever they’re doing and wherever they’re going:


We all have that friend or family member who’s always headed somewhere and while we cannot keep up with them, we know that these travel accessories sure can!

Quality sleep mask is easily one of the most overlooked but best on-the-go essentials we can give our loved ones. Whether they’re resting by the beach or napping in the car in broad daylight , Tempur Sleep Mask functions like blackout curtains that can completely seal out the light, gently cushioning the eye area and leaving zero marks— keeping them well rested wherever they go.

Tempur Travel Pillow or Tempur Transit Pillow are also both great travel companions for your loved ones who are usually finding it hard to doze off during a trip. These pillows will give the support their head and neck need so that they won’t have to worry about waking up with a stiff neck.

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Working from home is tougher than it seems. A very thoughtful gift that you can consider gifting your hardworking loved ones who work for an extended amount of time at a desk while sitting on a chair that’s not exactly designed for an 8-hour work shift is Tempur Lumbar Support, an accessory that perfectly fits the curve of the spine, paired with a Seat Cushion which will help distribute weight evenly.

These two things combined is a great investment in helping your loved ones get down to business while sitting in an ergonomically correct position all throughout the day.

Surviving the daily grind won’t feel so taxing with these Home Office essentials on hand.

They can instantly upgrade any chair into an office chair and unlike built-in ergonomic chairs, they can be easily detached and attached to any other chair, and can be brought anywhere needed.

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In a time where everything that’s happening all over the world feels too much, and a peaceful sleep seems so hard to catch, anyone would be ecstatic to receive a gift that can improve their well-being and make them feel recharged.


While an unpleasant sleep can be caused by a lot of different things (like insomnia & body pains), using a pillow that is curated for your sleeping position is definitely a significant factor in easing your discomfort and getting that quality, undisturbed sleep.


Whether your loved one is a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or all of the above, there are a variety of ergonomic pillows with meticulous designs created to match the comfort and support anyone is trying to find. These pillows follow the natural curve of the head, neck, and shoulder, so that you get the best alignment for your body when you sleep

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