The Best Gifts For The Best Mom

In case you need a reminder: Mother’s Day is coming up. After a particularly challenging year, this is a great time to remind the most important women in our lives just how much they mean to us. 

Working from home, taking care of an entire household, and navigating this new normal is no easy feat. That’s why we’re dedicating this Mother’s Day to giving our moms the gift of unparalleled comfort: responsive, supportive, and life-changing–just like the comfort they’ve given us our entire lives

If you’re still on the lookout for the perfect gift, check out Tempur’s Mother’s Day gift guide for the best gift ideas for every superwoman in your list.

For the Stay-at-Home Mom

Being a homemaker is not an easy job. After a day of cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the family, our moms deserve to wind down and rest. To give her the gift of restful sleep, choose Tempur’s Symphony Pillow

By moulding to the natural curves of the head, neck and shoulders, the Symphony Pillow is sure to give Mom adaptive support and comfort all night long. Whether she’s a side sleeper or a back sleeper, she will surely get the best sleep of her life and feel recharged and ready to take on another day. 

For the Active Mom

Our moms never fail to remind us how important it is to take care of our bodies. But they often forget that it is equally important that they also take good care of themselves. For the mom who’s working out to stay fit, healthy, and in shape, give her Tempur’s Leg Spacer Pillow

The Leg Spacer is the perfect leg support pillow to pressure and improve blood circulation. This support pillow also makes sure that their hips, knees, and pelvis remains aligned throughout the night–perfect for when she’s resting after a good workout.

Tempur Leg Spacer


Recommended for use between your legs or under your ankles to relieve pressure & improve circulation

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For the Chill Mom

Reward mom with the gift of some much-deserved Me Time. Whether she’s reading a book, watching TV, or just lounging on the bed, give her the support she needs to relax longer with the Tempur Bed Wedge! 

The Tempur Bed Wedge provides uncompromised comfort for the back, perfect for long hours of sitting on the couch or on the bed so mom can do what she loves without any discomfort. 

Tempur Bed Wedge

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Adds extra comfort to your bed for better support & relaxation. Can also be used as back support when sitting, watching TV or under your legs when resting on your back. Provides better circulation and back relief.

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For the Hardworking Mom

Working from home is extra challenging when you’re a mom. We’re not sure how they pull it off but our hardworking moms can excellently balance work and home life. Give her the extra support she needs at work with Tempur’s Work-from-Home Set. 

The WFH set includes Tempur’s Lumbar Support, Seat Cushion, or Seat Wedge, which can support Mom’s lower back muscles so she can effortlessly and comfortably work for 8 hours everyday.

For the Soon-to-be-Mom

This Mother’s Day, we also celebrate the amazing women on the brink of motherhood! Carrying a baby for 9 months can be taxing on Mom’s back and body. Show her your support by providing her with some extra TLC. Give her the gift of extra love and care with Tempur’s Bed Back Support!

Perfectly suited for expectant moms, the Bed Back Support pillow provides much needed relief and comfort to the lower back and loins. By adapting to the curve of the back, this pillow helps relieve pressure points to help our pregnant mommies get longer hours of rest.

Tempur Bed Back Support

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Provides support & relief to the lumbar area. Ideal for pregnant women.

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For giving us a lifetime’s worth of care and comfort, our moms deserve only the best. Thankfully, Tempur is here to give them the best quality of rest and comfort they deserve on this special day. Don’t wait ‘til the last, head on to our shop and enjoy 10% OFF on ALL ITEMS from May 5-9. Go ahead, our moms deserve it!