Power Up with Better Sleep Habits

Day to day responsibilities in work, home and family life call for a healthy mind and body. While it can be tempting to trade sleep for precious hours of productivity and efficiency, getting quality sleep is just as important as eating healthy and exercising.  It can act as your portal to the best version of yourself that is ready to face everyday challenges.

Prepared ahead are ways to improve the quality of your sleep and revamp your wellness routine for a happier and healthier you. Let’s get to it! 

  • Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Start setting up your body’s internal clock with a regular sleep pattern, even on weekends. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep every night to perform at your best.

  • Get Moving

Doing cardio exercises like walking, biking or any aerobic activity several times a week help with decreasing insomnia, improving memory and relieving stress.

  • Invest in Quality Sleep Essentials

 Quality sleep is not just about the number of hours you sleep, but also how well you sleep. Your bed should be a relaxing sanctuary where you can properly rest, destress and recharge after a long day.



Tempur carries an incredible range of traditional and ergonomic pillows that are made of long lasting materials and can minimize pressure points and maximize your comfort in your spine, neck, and head.  Whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper or all of the above, there’s a Tempur pillow that’s meticulously designed to meet your preferred sleeping position. 

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Depending on your preferred mattress feel, Tempur also offers a good range of mattress collection that can perfectly fit to your lifestyle and whatever it is your body needs. From soft, to bouncy, to medium firm, and finally the firmest feel with cool touch features, Tempur has it all. All mattress collections perfectly conforms to your body giving you unparalleled support and ultimate comfort for instant relaxation.

How much will it cost to get the best quality sleep?

You spend a third of your life on your bed which shows how important it is to find and invest in the right mattress and pillow for you. To start your journey with Tempur for the best quality sleep, you will need Php 49.3 PER DAY (180,000 average cost / 365 days x 10years”) to invest on a mattress with a 10 year guarantee of full replacement and Php9.00 PER DAY (10,000 average cost / 365 days x 3years) for a Tempur pillow. And what do you get from it? It’s that perfect balance of comfort and support proven to relieve pressure as it adapts to your body helping you get that true restful sleep.

  • Eat Right at the Right Time

Eating balanced meals and snacks throughout the day help your brain to produce neurotransmitters for a good night’s sleep. Be cautious of food and the time you consume stimulants like alcohol and caffeine, which can keep you up and interfere with your sleep cycle.

  • Create a Sleep Environment and Routine

Preparing your bedroom and developing a ritual before bedtime helps to calm down for a better sleep. Carve time to read book, take a hot bath, listen to music or do anything that relaxes you. Put aside all distractions before going to bed, dim the lights, and set your room’s temperature to slightly cool.

Most importantly, make sure your bed gives the right support and comfort you need to seize the positive benefits of sleep, best provided by TEMPUR® Material. The resolve in maintaining wellness and achieving goals is a journey you can nurture with healthy sleeping habits. Stay healthy, live happily and get your well-deserved self-care with the best sleep today.