Easily turn camping into glamping

Getting a taste of the outdoors can do wonders for your mental health, particularly during this challenging time. However, sleeping closer to nature, under the stars, can be a challenge for those accustomed to the comforts of their own bed or with difficulty sleeping.

Yet with Tempur products, getting a good night’s sleep outdoors is easy with these travel accessories. Tempur offers a number of accessories to make catching some shut eye easy, even when on a cot, sleeping bag or foldable chair.

Bringing your own bed is practically impossible, but Tempur can make it as close to home as possible with the Tempur Travel Set. This portable and lightweight sleep system consists of an overlay mattress and travel neck pillow packed into a convenient bag that you can easily bring and unpack.

The overlay mattress adds an extra layer of comfort to your cot or sleeping bag, while the travel neck pillow follows the natural curve of the head, neck, and shoulder, so that you get the best alignment for your body when you sleep.

Another handy addition is the Tempur Sleep Mask that completely seals out the light, just like blackout curtains. It’s perfect for taking a nap in daylight or when close to a camp lighting equipment. It gently cushions the eye area and leaves zero marks— keeping you well rested wherever you go.

Getting the Tempur Travel Pillow The Tempur Travel Pillow or Tempur Transit Pillow are also both great additions for family members who are usually finding it hard to doze off during a trip. These pillows provide the support that your head and neck need so that you won’t have to worry about waking up with a stiff neck. It’s great for catching up on sleep whether on the way to the campsite or at the destination.

Don’t worry about space. The Tempur Travel Pillow easily folds into a compact size, making it easy to store.

Unpleasant rest can be caused by a lot of different factors. This can be mitigated with a pillow and comfort accessories curated for the ideal sleeping position, easing discomfort and getting that quality, undisturbed rest, wherever you are.


Whether your camping companions are side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, or all of the above, there are a variety of Tempur ergonomic pillows and accessories with meticulous designs created to match the comfort and support anyone is trying to find.

With this set of products from Tempur, car camping can be comfortable and enjoyable, making a good night’s rest the least of your worries. All the better to fully take advantage of the healing and rejuvenating power of the great outdoors.

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