Good Nights, Greater Mornings

Celebrate World Sleep Day by treating yourself to Better Sleep for a Sound Mind


Fact: We spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping.

However, despite this huge share of time spent in bed, sleep often gets deprioritized when placed against seemingly more urgent tasks and responsibilities. 

But just like breathing, eating, and drinking, sleep is an essential human need too. Beyond getting enough hours, it’s vital that you get quality sleep everyday – and this can be influenced by many factors.

What is Quality Sleep? 

There is no one definition of ‘quality sleep’ as ‘quality’ varies widely depending on the sleeper’s lifestyles, habits, and needs. 

The quality of sleep you’re getting affects your ability to feel rested and energized for the next day. Consequently affecting not only your mental and physical health, but also your overall quality of life.

Ready to sleep better? Here are some things you can do to get quality sleep! 


1. Reduce blue light exposure at night

The Circadian Rhythm refers to the physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. Bright light exposure during the day triggers our brain for daytime – allowing us to feel more awake and energized for work. Likewise, reducing blue light exposure at night switches the brain into night mode so you can relax and fall asleep easily. 



2. Save the caffeine for daytime

As relaxing as it is to drink a cup of coffee at the end of a tiring work day, it’s probably best to skip it. Why not opt for a relaxing chamomile tea instead? Although caffeine can be helpful in the mornings for a much-needed energy boost, it may be counterproductive to drink at night when you want to wind down and sleep.



3. Prep your bedroom for bedtime

Many believe that the bedroom environment and its setup are key factors in getting a good night’s sleep. Make sure your bedroom is clean, quiet, and relaxing by lighting a candle or breathing in your favorite essential oils. Remember to remove any form of distraction such as excessive noise and light so you can fall asleep as soon as you lie down. 



4. Invest in the right pillows and mattress

The secret to quality sleep is right where you lay down. Investing in a Tempur pillow and mattress can greatly transform the quality of sleep you’re getting. 

From back sleepers, side sleepers, to those who just need an extra pillow to hug at night – Tempur offers a wide range of ergonomic pillows designed to provide personalized comfort and support and address any sleeping need. 



Each Tempur mattress and pillow is made of a unique viscoelastic material that immediately and precisely adapts to your weight, shape, and temperature so you can rest peacefully night after night.

Find the perfect Tempur product for you here. 

This World Sleep Day, let us be reminded of how important quality sleep can be. As essential as it is to work your hardest during the day, remember to give yourself some well-deserved rest too. By allowing ourselves to get quality sleep, we strengthen and recharge our minds so we can be geared up and ready for the days ahead. 

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